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Bill has been practicing Architecture for over 35 years as President of Doggett Architects Inc.  The firm has enjoyed a wide variety of projects, including Churches, Family Life Centers, Corporate Office Buildings, small Office Buildings, Medical Office Buidings, Retail projects such as Restuarants, Shopping Centers, Retail Shops, K-12 Schools and Warehouses.  Residential experience includes Single Family, Condominiums and Townhouses. 

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Bill is a LEED Accredited Professional under the U.S. GreenBuilding Council for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”.  Bill has always maintained an interest in energy conservation.  He has designed some of the most energy efficient schools and office buildings in NC, even back when “green” was only a color.  One example is the Headquarters Office Building for the North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (see Office Buildings), the mother organization for the 28 rural Electric Cooperatives in N.C.  This three story office building, located on US-1 next to the Triangle Town Centre, won the single award for Energy Conservation Excellence” for a commercial building in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, awarded by the American Solar Energy Society, N.C. Solar Energy Association, and Wake County Energy advisory Commission.The Pines Elementary School in Washington County NC, had an actual energy consumption its first year of only 39,770 BTU/sf for an energy cost of only $0.49/sf/school year, including heating, lighting and air conditioning.  This was one-half the cost of the average school in NC that year, saving the Board of Education approximately $51,000 per year in energy cost.  In 20 years this amounts to at least $1,020,000 in savings, except it will really be more as the cost of energy continues to rise. In Johnston County NC we designed energy efficient schools with Ice Storage Systems, that make ice at night, using lower cost electricity, and cools the buildings the next day using the stored ice.  We designed a new Elementary School, a K-8 School, and retrofitted three High Schools using Partial Ice Storage systems to save energy.  Smithfield Senior High is saving $44,000 per year.  That paid for the Architects and Engineers in a short time. Doggett Architects Inc strives to design projects that are Energy Efficient, have low operating cost and low maintenance cost, satisfy the Owner’s program requirements…….on time……and within budget.